About Us
Chairman’s Message
For over 15 years, AQI & Associates goal is to achieve the highest quality of services and has committed itself to delivering legal services of the highest standards to its clients.

Unwavering dedication and commitment to proactive solutions that best serve our clients’ interests have been cornerstones of our success. Since our founding in 2000, we have acted and made decisions based on the core values of the firm: integrity, client devotion, excellence, passion, ingenuity and collaboration.

By continually refining our business practices based on our hands-on experiences, we have created a strong, cooperative partnership with our clients. Each year these clients validate AQI commitment to meeting their needs through repeat assignment.

AQI seeks to provide professional perfection, ambitious perceptive of our clients’ needs and eagerness to go the extra mile for them. Over the years, our firm has gained the respect and loyalty of our clients by providing the considerate of manifested attention that has become an increasingly rare and treasured service. AQI provides practical legal services, helping clients successfully manage all their legal challenges with feasible and efficient approach. We practice in a wide range of legal matter including Litigation & Arbitration, Banking & Finance, Corporate and M&A Transactions, Insurance Counselling & Litigation, Labor and Employment Law, Construction & Property Development, Commercial, Real Estate and Shipping.

We say what we mean and do what we say. In every encounter, we establish trust with sincerity and fairness. We build an environment for success through solution- driven teamwork- in our firm, within our communities, and with our partners throughout the assignment process.

We continuously strive to achieve the highest level of execution in everything we do, from, quality, and innovation to our attention to detail in every task. Our lawyers are relentlessly driven, accountable, and enthusiastic in the pursuit of perfection.

Our lawyers understand that hard work and talent are just a starting point for a top law firm. Complicated disputes often require integrative solutions, and should be approached with a practical attitude and managed with maximum competence. I take great pride in the commitment of our lawyer’s representation to every matter they handle and know that we will commit the necessary time, resources, and originality to serve the best interests of our clients. Furthermore, with our growing regional network and our close collaboration with leading law firms regionally and internationally, our clients with multi-jurisdictional interests can expect from us consolidated and consistent legal services.

We are blessed for the support which our clients have given us over the years. Our dedicated base of clients and friends are evidence to the assurance that our clients have placed in us.

Advocate Abdel Qadir Almaazmi