Construction & Property Development

AQI has represented the construction industry in full range of construction services for many years. We guide clients through all phases of the construction process from feasibility analysis and design, bidding, award and construction, to commissioning and closeout.

AQI clients include general contractors, construction managers, government entities, owners and developers, public utilities, subcontractors, suppliers, design and engineering firms, lenders, owners as well as sureties and guarantors. We represent multi-national corporations as well as local and regional clients and individual entrepreneurs.

Clients depend on us to protect their interests by anticipating and solving a wide array of issues and problems that arise during the planning, design, and formation stages of construction projects. These include complicated project financing arrangements, joint ventures and other teaming arrangements, privatization, complex project delivery systems, bid questions, environmental and other regulatory compliance issues, labor agreements, work visas, and much more.

AQI is acutely aware of the issues relevant to property development, and are able to advise throughout the project lifestyle, from acquisition, to rezoning, planning and environment and through the delivery phase to successful completion and possibly take out. We are also aware of financier requirements for these types of transactions and are able to ensure that the project is bankable.

AQI regularly advises on risk allocation and different forms of delivery methods. We are highly capable at preparing and negotiating all the forms of associated documentation, including: tender documents; heads of agreement and memorandum of understanding; agreements of lease; development agreements; consultancy agreements; various forms of delivery agreements (including construction only, design and construction, project management and construction management agreements); as well as other forms of contraction such as facilities management agreements and outsourcing contracts.

When disputes arise, we take every action necessary to help clients mange them and achieve early resolution when possible. We assist clients in mediated and informal negotiations, prepare clients for presentations before dispute review board and other mind-contract dispute resolution mechanisms, and arbitrate limited issues even while a project is ongoing.

AQI has litigated virtually every construction project-related issue, including those involving contract interpretation; payment claims; disputes among owners; contractors; subcontractors, and consultants; disputes relating to scope of work changes; differing site conditions; environmental issues; subrogation claims; complex insurance coverage issues; condominium rights; easements and condemnation matters; delay and disruption claims; construction defects; design deficiencies, denial of site access, design deficiencies, environmental hazard, structural failures, differing site conditions and changed conditions, concrete failures and defects, claims for additional compensation for performing extra work, delay, disruption and lost productivity claims, acceleration, excessive work scope changes, interference, inadequate project management/lack of proper coordination, inadequate inspection, failure to meet performance standards and guarantees, construction defects, late project completion, terminations for convenience and default, work-site accidents and safety violations, post-completion warranty claims.