• Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC)

    The Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC), established in March, 2006 by Emiri Decree No. (6), a master developer of ports and industrial zones in Abu Dhabi. ADPC was formed as part of the restructuring of the commercial ports sector in the Emirate, and was given control and regulatory enforcement power over all commercial ports assets previously owned by the Abu Dhabi Seaports Authority (ADSA). Khalifa Port, which was opened in September 2012, is a major achievement of ADPC to date. ADPC plays a vital role in propelling economic growth in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.


    To be the preferred provider of world-class integrated ports and industrial zone services.


    • To fulfil ADPC's role in realisation of Abu Dhabi Vision 2030.
    • To develop and maintain long-term relationships with leading local and international customers.
    • To achieve sustainable development while supporting community needs and preserving local values.
    • To be the employer of choice that attracts and retains high calibre staff.
    • To increase shareholders value and satisfy other stakeholders' expectations,

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    The Department of Economic Development is responsible for proposing the economic and commercial policy of Abu Dhabi Emirate and preparing the plans and programmes required for implementing this policy.

    The Department provides commercial licensing and trade name registration and conducts the necessary studies to encourage and promote the private sector. it also participates in economic and trading seminars and conferences locally and internationally.


    A stakeholder centric entity recognised for its contribution to enable sustainable economic development in Abu Dhabi.


    To lead Abu Dhabi's economic agenda towards a balanced, diversified and sustainable knowledge-based economy that enhances the competitiveness of Abu Dhabi in the global economy and ensures the prosperity for its people.

    Our Services

    Business Startup & Operationalisation

    • Business Licence Procedure
    • Business Licence Status
    • Commercial Licence Registration
    • Commercial Licence renewal
    • Trade Licence Details
    • Trade Name Renewal
    • Trade Name Reservation
    • Trade Name Search


    • Reoortine Consumer Rights Violations

    Licences & Permits

    • Changing Partners in lie Commercial Licence
    • Charming the Address in Commercial Licence
    • Commercial Activity Addition or Omission from the Commercial Licence
    • Commercial Licence Cancellation
    • Commercial Licence Information Modification
    • Legal Form Modification in the Commercial Licence
    • Palifi-in Capital Modification in the Commercial Licence
    • Replacement of Damaged or Lost Commercial Licence
    • Service Agent Modification in the Commercial Licence
    • Trade Name Modification in the Commercial Licence

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  • Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA)

    The Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA) was established in May 2007, and replaced the Department of Municipalities and Agriculture to act as the main focal point of all municipal planning and to oversee public works projects in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

    The Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA) aims to produce efficiencies and higher customer satisfaction in accordance with the national Policy Agenda which will represent a new era in municipal services to the general public.

    As a regulatory body, the DMA supervises the three regional municipal councils and municipal administrations; Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, Al Ain City Municipality and Western Region Municipality.


    An advanced municipal system that enables sustainable development and enhances quality of living for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.


    To achieve the Abu Dhabi Government's objective of providing distinctive municipal services that enhance the quality of living of all residents through coordination, oversight and monitoring of the Abu Dhabi municipalities and municipal councils.

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  • Higher Corporation for specialized Economic Zones (ZonesCorp)

    In line with the Abu Dhabi Government's vision to transform the prosperous capital into an investment destination, HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the DA E and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, and HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, jointly launched a higher institution for Specialized Economic Zones, "ZonesCorp" as an initiative under law number (3) of 2004.

    Supported by the Government, "ZonesCorp" is directly responsible for the establishment, management and operation of specialised economic zones in Abu Dhabi. It is committed to the development of industrial infrastructure in the capital and to the creation of a business environment conducive to driving growth and diversification of the economy. The institution has a lot to offer to businesses through the valuable propositions and operational incentives it provides

    With specialised zones in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi boasting state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge utilities, logistics capabilities, advanced communications infrastructure and workers' residential cities, investors can easily set up their businesses in the country's capital and kick start their industrial projects in a short period of time.


    Shaping the future of economic zones.


    Develop and manage fully integrated economic zones to foster growth for the industrial sector and the local economy.

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  • Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ADCCI)


    To be recognized as the leading voice of the Abu Dhabi business community.


    We are the private sector representative working to advocate policies, connect businesses and expand member opportunities by providing world-class member services, with an aim to contribute to Abu Dhabi's sustainable economic development

    The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and industry is keen on improving and organising the commercial and -ial affairs in the Emirate, and boosting its relationships by collaborating with the government and :ompetent bodies and authorities.

    In order for the Chamber to accomplish its requirements, it seeks to undertake the following:

    Assist in the resolution of problems of the private sector with the official and non-official bodies and authorities locally and abroad.

    Provide opinion over law drafts and regulations committed to it by the official bodies and authorities.

    Strengthen the cooperation between the Chamber and other UAE, regional and foreign Chambers of commerce.

    Provide high level services to its members by establishing study centres and using latest technical and scientific methods.

    Facilitate the process of conducting the commercial and industrial business activities in the Emirate and maximizing investment opportunities.

    Study quality standards and establish and develop exports development centres.

    Provide a host of other documented services for concerned parties.

    Our Services

    Business support and advice

    Abu Dhabi Factories

    ADCCI Tenders

    ADNOC Explorer Programme

    Brodcastin with ADCCI

    Commercial Agencies

    Company and Business Information

    Conferences, Seminars and workshops with ADCCI

    Consulations for Businessmen

    Contractors Classification

    Economic Consultation

    Economic Indicators

    Economic Library

    Economic Publications/Reports

    Industrial Directory

  • Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADM)

    The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department. was established on June 15, 2007 under are No. 23 ut 2006 to ensure the delivery and administration of justice and equality to all citizens and residents throughout the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

    The Department supervises and coordinates the primary legal and judicial mechanisms and processes that protect individual rights and safeguard the rule of law through a tri-tiered court system, Court of Cassation, Court of Appeals, Courts of First Instance

    In addition, the Departmen•s service divisiolls such as Patwa. Attestations, Notary Public, F-arnily Guidance, Reconciliation and Settlement Coinmittees. as well as specialised courts work concurrently to ensure the administration of justice in the Er ate. Each court Le managed by a Court President and supported by dedicated judges and administrative staff.


    An efficient and independent judicial system based on excellence that provides world class judicial services.


    Safeguard the rule of law by ensuring justice, freedom and peace- in society.


    Access to justice

    Fair and accomplished judicial system that provides effective and innovative judicial services. Public trust and confidence. Highly qualified workforce and motivating wed environment. Transparency and accountability

    Our Services

    Benefits for Nationals

    Widow/Widower Status Declaration

    Business Startup & Operationalisation

    Application for Announcement of Publication

    Application for Announcement through Diplomatic Channels

    Application for Announcement through External Courts

    Detention of Funds with Banks

    External Announcements

    Movable Properties Seizure

    Notarisation of a General Partnership Contract

    Notarisation of a Joint Venture Company contarct

    Notarisation of Limitad Liability Company Contaract

    Notarisation of a Local Service Agent Contract

    Notarisation of a Partnership Limited with Shares Contract

    Notarisation of a Private Joint Stock Company Contract

    Notarisation of a Public Joint Stock Company Contract